Johnathan Hendrix

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The time to put an end to this is now. As a young American I am very disappointed with my preceding generation for allowing such atrocities to take place. Many of my generation are the biggest victims of these misfortunes, by inheriting an environment in shambles, being life long victims of poisoning, and undoubtedly being the individuals that will bear the burden of the expense to reverse and eliminate this threat to global existence. I urge current policy makers and people in positions capable of making a change to do so for the sake of humanity. The greed shown by these entities in which have been granted nearly insurmountable power by being allowed to become incorporated is not only a threat to your legacy but also to the livelihood of generations to come.

Make A Change Now!

Johnathan P. Hendrix


One National Park saved, 55 to go!

DeliveryPicSm.pngWe won the fight against the sale of bottled water in the Grand Canyon. Now let's tackle the 55 National Parks that have yet to promise to go bottled water free! 

Join us in our quest to rid ALL of our National Parks of bottled water. We'll deliver your signatures to all 55 National Park Directors. Share this petition widely with anyone who you know who cares about the future of our nation's remaining wild & free land.

To: Regional Directors, National Park Service

On December 14, 2011, your headquarters received a memo from National Park Director Jon Jarvis outlining the Disposable Plastic Water Bottle Recycling and Reduction Program. The memo outlined the various steps that your park would need to take in order to eventually eliminate the sale of plastic water bottles in the park, drastically reducing plastic waste pollution and littering. We urge you to take the necessary steps to become bottled water free.

Concerned National Park Supporters & Visitors

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