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Bottle drifting

Bottle drifting
underwater with
tropical fish

Depth-of-field image
of plastic bottles

Seal attempting to eat
a discarded plastic

Plastic bottles on a production line
Plastic bottles on a
production line

Related Websites & Other Resources

Corporate Accountability International Corporate Accountability International's Think Outside the Bottle campaign working to promote, protect and ensure public funding for our public water systems.
Environmental Working Group Documents research about bottled-water quality
Food and Water Watch Provides resources/facts about tap v. bottled water, water privatization and conservation, among other related issues
Inside the Bottle "The people's campaign on the bottled-water industry"
Pacific Institute Data about bottled water and other water-related issues
Polaris Institute Water program to develop citizen capacities for education and action on water-justice issues in communities
Product Policy Institute Advocate Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs: the producers of waste must cover costs of recycling and responsible disposal

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An Unflinching Examination Of The Big Business Of Bottled Water.
"Eye-opening, informative and incredibly important for you to see...Tapped is another example of realizing film's potential to inspire."
Ben Lyons, E! Entertainment